Hey there! I’m here to talk about the beautiful work of the English Team in Zinnia. In February we were focusing on inspiring ourselves in women artists. It could be a painter, designer, or the amazing daily artist of our lives such as their mother, grandma, aunts or even their puppies or themselves. So I’m gonna show you a little bit of their creative expression. And I take this opportunity to thank all the families who trust in Zinnia and respect the imagination of their childs

Noelia, inspired by Georgia O’Keefe, Almudena Castillejo and Yayoi Kusama

Alberto, inspired by a woman in the market and by his mother.

Lola inspired by butterflies and Mantra

Iker inspired by Georgia O’keefe, his mother and animals that he loves

Shantala inspired by Almudena Castillejo, her mother and watercolors inspired by Georgia O’keefe

África inspired by her grandma, Almudena Castillejo, Georgia O’keefe and Yayoi Kusama.

Gael inspired by Yayoi Kusama and his mother, really happy to try the lathe

Gonzalo inspired by Yayoi Kusama and his favourite dinosaur

Julio inspired by his guinea pig, a dragon and a jar for his mother.
As you see , some of the projects are not finished yet. But they will be. And I’m sure you’ll love all of them as I do, there’s no piece which is the same, there’s only unique souls and we can see a part of them in every detail of their work. Thank you all, we can’t wait to show you the final results!